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Jitterbit is the provider of the most powerful, flexible, & easy to use data and application integration platform. Jitterbit software allows companies of all sizes to solve the challenges of application integration, data integration, SaaS integration, and business process integration. Hubstone has worked with a number of organisations to help them to build cloud integration solutions. Jitterbit is a powerful standards based client server solution that enables organisations to build reusable integrations. Homegrown solutions are often far too complex, time consuming, resource intensive and expensive to support. As a productivity toolset, Jitterbit accelerates integration projects enabling businesses to quickly realise their return on investment in business projects. As a technical product Jitterbit effectively takes away a large amount of the development asssociated with integration. It does this through wizard driven transformations, drag and drop data mapping and simple formula building.

What can Jitterbit do for you?

Enterprise Application Integration

  • Integrate corporate databases and CRM applications
  • Update applications and transactional ERP data
  • Automate electronic order processes across systems

Web Services

  • Integrate external web services with back end systems
  • Consolidate corporate data to offer as a web service
  • Integrate product inventory with XML driven partners


  • Synchronise inventories across multiple partners
  • Transform data into multiple B2B formats

Data migration and Synchronisation

  • Consolidate disparate data from multiple locations
  • Update data across CRM, ERP and custom apps
  • Provide analyzable data for regulatory compliance

As a Jitterbit Certified Partner we can help you in all aspects of your integration project. From training right through to implementation we can help you to accelerate you integration efforts. We understand how challenging integration projects are and how critical they are to business success. We believe that Jitterbit is a powerful tool to enable organisations to consolidate on past integration and prepare for the next wave of standards based integration technologies. We offer comprehensive training workshops and seminars, contact us for details.