Prestashop has rapidly become one the most popular open source E-Commerce solutions. Each new version has built on the previous version’s successes, broadened the functional capability and improved the performance of the product. We put a great deal of effort into platform selection when we decided to offer E-Commerce services. We looked at all the commercial open source products. Prestashop for us was the only platform we wanted to engage and certifying meant going out to Paris to meet and train with the Prestashop team. That exercise only further solidified our belief in the product.

We are the UK’s only certified Prestashop agency. We can help with:

  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Custom development
  • Integration
  • Hosting

We provide a premium technology service around Prestashop. We are currently looking into to options for lower cost startup packages, but as yet do not support the lower budget implementation. We cannot currently make those implementations commercially work for us. Our profile of customer is likely to be an already successful store looking to migrate platform, setup in a new region, perform integration with backend ERP/CRM systems or better understand their E-Commerce sales data. There are plenty of options for lower budget stores with a few thousand pounds to invest and you don’t need to look far beyond Prestashops Addon store to get up and running. It’s the smartest place to start.

We don’t support any customisations or modules that we haven’t written or haven’t come out of the Prestashop Addon store. We don’t pickup partially completed development or look to rescue failed projects that just need a couple of tweaks to get them live. Experience has taught us that those projects are recipes for disaster and cost us as a business. If you’re partially complete and have fallen out with you supplier, expect to start again with us and probably to spend more than you spent on the first supplier you engaged.

We get lots of requests for help from stores that fall into the above category and we don’t follow them up. We are protecting our time and business from projects we know we cannot make work commercially.