Jitterbit Version 5 is released

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The much anticipated release of version 5 of Jitterbit is with us. With a SAP connector, MS Dynamics connector and enhancements to the existing Salesforce.com connector it’s great news for CRM and ERP users out there. We’re having a really strong start to 2013 with lots of interesting conversations. The addition of a SAP connector is exciting for us too. The product is getting slicker and slicker and the next 12-18 months should be...

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Alfresco appoint Doug Dennerline as their new CEO

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An interesting news announcement over at Alfresco Software. Alfresco have appointed Doug Dennerline as their new CEO. Here’s the PR announcement. I was very privileged to work with Alfresco for quite some time and they are a great company with great people. I’m sure Doug Dennerline will enjoy leading them to their IPO. I’ve always liked the fact that such a strong open source company was built out of the UK. I also like the...

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Gartner Predicts 2013 – Application Integration

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As you’d expect some interesting insight from Gartner here. I’ll leave you to digest the report, but wanted to pull out the key findings, recommendations and one of their missed 2010 predictions for some commentary: Key Findings Over the next few years: The cost of doing application integration will increase as companies do more B2B e-commerce, information processing, and mobile, social and cloud computing. The accommodation of...

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Integration Becomes a Top Priority for Medium Businesses

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According to SMB Group’s Top 10 Technology Market Predictions, integration is going to be a top priority. It’s also the number 1 technology challenge in their 2012 Routes to Market Study. Integration has always been a challenge for the Enterprise, but the widespread adoption of cloud has now brought it firmly on to radar of smaller businesses. You can download the full study here. Is it just about cloud or are we across the board...

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Where do your customers come from?

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I overheard a discussion yesterday between two sales guys on where customers came from for their business. One of the guys was challenging the existing company view that the majority of their customers came from one source. He also pointed out that the source was actually the least profitable customers they had. Apparently an animated debate ensued in their sales meeting. The things you hear standing in line at a bakery. It’s an...

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