Sector: Software

Challenge: We’re proud to have worked on number of long term projects with Alfresco. We initially engaged Alfresco on a review of their CRM implementation. Over time we’ve helped with a number of key sales and marketing projects. These have included:

  • Re-implementation of CRM and ongoing enhancements
  • Integration of CRM with their Marketing Automation platform
  • Delivery of reporting data and reports

Solution: There have been three core products used in our engagement with Alfresco.; SugarCRM, Jitterbit and Tableau Software. The major thrust of development was initially around using SugarCRM to support Alfresco’s pricing model and order process. Over time the entire lead process and reporting around that brought integration, ETL activities and business intelligence.

Results: Alfresco have a CRM implementation that supports their global sales operation in terms of deal/opportunity tracking, delivery of pricing/orders and the end to end approvals process.