Integration Becomes a Top Priority for Medium Businesses

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According to SMB Group’s Top 10 Technology Market Predictions, integration is going to be a top priority. It’s also the number 1 technology challenge in their 2012 Routes to Market Study. Integration has always been a challenge for the Enterprise, but the widespread adoption of cloud has now brought it firmly on to radar of smaller businesses. You can download the full study here. Is it just about cloud or are we across the board...

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Where do your customers come from?

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I overheard a discussion yesterday between two sales guys on where customers came from for their business. One of the guys was challenging the existing company view that the majority of their customers came from one source. He also pointed out that the source was actually the least profitable customers they had. Apparently an animated debate ensued in their sales meeting. The things you hear standing in line at a bakery. It’s an...

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Integrating with using Jitterbit

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We had a great day on 8th October 2012 in London with a number of Salesforce customers and System Integrators. Over two sessions we shared some insight into Jitterbit’s free Data Loader and the version 4 server product. We also shared some insight into what was coming in version 5. Despite a few no shows and a couple of misbehaving laptops the session was a great success. Thanks to everyone that attended. This was our first Hubstone run...

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Sector: Financial Services Challenge: Re-implement SugarCRM, Upgrade and Support. Solution: Caplin were looking to change supplier of support services, upgrade their environment to version 6 and have some issues resolved. We worked with Caplin to understand their use of SugarCRM, remove legacy fields and stabilise the environment into a supportable solution. We provide first line support to any SugarCRM queries/issues they may...

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